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Methods for Achieving Greater Fuel Efficiency and Speed
Most car tuners already know that extensive upgrading can dramatically alter the expected performance and efficiency results of just about any vehicle, regardless of whether it’s a car, truck, or SUV. What many novice tuners are unaware of, however, is by what degree the results will change when utilizing said upgrades. To understand what actual performance results you can get by upgrading your vehicle, you must know what types of upgrades are available to be exploited. Below, we’ll cover ground on both external and internal upgrades that can boost the performance and efficiency results of your own vehicle.

Internal Upgrades
Internal upgrades are basically any modifications made to systems within the car and parts underneath the hood. Among the most effective direct replacements you can make is a battery replacement. Battery swapping, particularly common in the tuning community and often done on 1990s Civics and other popularly modified vehicles, can result in an immediate power and responsiveness increase in the vehicle. If you’re not set on replacing the vehicle’s entire battery, however, you can forgo the battery swap and instead install an aftermarket performance chip. Using a performance chip, your car’s operating system will be altered to close performance and efficiency gaps for improved responsiveness. With a chip installed, your vehicle can see gains upwards of several dozen extra horsepower, as well as 5-7mpg in potential fuel savings. If your vehicle’s turbocharged, those horsepower gains can be even higher when paired with a chip, for up to 60 extra HP.

External Upgrades
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